Filmmaking in Iraq: February Cartoon Series

February is the month of film festivals, from the Berlinale to Rotterdam, and the Academy Awards. Khudair Alhimyari has drawn a series of cartoons on filmmaking in Iraq. “I am looking at the conditions of working life in Iraq through its filmmakers,” says Alhimyari, “the complacency of the filmmakers in this cartoon is also a critical comment…

Video: Girls of Baghdad

In March 2015, the Ruya Foundation launched the first drama therapy project in Iraq. Girls from the Dar Azuhur Orphanage in Baghdad worked with six leading Iraqi actors to learn the basics of theatre. Together they wrote, produced, directed and acted in their own play. This is their story.
Screening of 'I Am Similar to My Father' (2013) at the Shaab Teahouse. Courtesy of the artist.

Plastic Women and Teahouses: interview with the artist Rozhgar Mustafa

Rozhgar Mustafa is a video and performance artist based in Sulaymaniya. After training as a painter at the Institute of Fine Arts and the University of Sulaymaniya, Mustafa soon began experimenting with video, performance and ready-made objects to make works about women and womanhood in Iraq. In 2011, Mustafa arranged for a group of protesters…
Still from Iraqi Odyssey: A Family picnic outside of Baghdad in 1959, one year after the Revolution. Courtesy of Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion.

Family Trees and Pop Culture Rebels: director Samir on his documentary film Iraqi Odyssey.

On 2 December, the Ruya Foundation co-sponsored the Iraqi premiere of the award-winning documentary film Iraqi Odyssey (2014). The film traces the epic journey of the filmmaker Samir’s own family who left Iraq more than half a century ago, and are now scattered across the world. Samir (b.1955, Iraq) is a Swiss-Iraqi film director, writer and…
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Happy Birthday, Rifat Chadirji

Rifat Chadirji, one of the most important living architects from Iraq, turned 90 this month. As an architect and planning consultant Chadirji played a central role in the urban development of Baghdad from the 1950s to the 70s. He created a new urban aesthetic for the city, which was a synthesis of Modernist principles and…