Themes of ‘Archaic’ #1: ‘Earth’ by archaeologist Dr. Jane Moon OBE

For the exhibition ‘Archaic,’ curators Tamara Chalabi and Paolo Colombo selected themes within the archaic that are the precursor to any civilization. For the first blog in this series, archaeologist Dr. Jane Moon reflects on the theme of ‘earth’ and what this means for the ancient civilisations of Southern Iraq, and archaeologists today. Dr. Jane…

The Image of War: July Cartoon Series by Khudair Alhimyari

The Baghdad-based caricaturist Khudair Alhimyari has drawn ‘The Image of War, a new cartoon series for the month of July. Below is a dialogue between a journalist and a cameraman (right to left). Journalist: First, take a long shot of the impact of war and destruction on houses and streets. Journalist: Then, take a medium…

World Refugee Day: Art in Iraq’s Refugee Camps

Today is World Refugee Day, we commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees. – United Nations In December 2014, the Ruya Foundation set up a project to provide drawing materials to adult refugees living in the refugee camps of northern Iraq. These emergency camps had been set up in the summer of…

Art and War: June Cartoon Series by Khudair Alhimyari

This month, the Baghdad-based caricaturist Khudair Alhimyari, continues his cartoon series on ‘Art and War’, commissioned by the Ruya Foundation. In the cartoon below, the artist paints the words ‘Art’ and ‘War’ consecutively. In the cartoon below, creativity and imagination can provide relief even in the darkest hour.
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Venice Conversations: Sadik Kwaish Alfraji and the dialectic of the hunter and prey

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji (b. 1960, Baghdad) is a leading contemporary artist from Iraq’s diaspora living in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.Trained as a painter and printmaker, he also creates animations and artist books. Alfraji has exhibited his work internationally and his work is part of public and private collections including the British Museum, Mathaf: Arab Museum of…

The Venice Biennale: May Cartoon Series

Baghdad-based caricaturist Khudair Alhimyari has drawn a series of cartoons on Iraqi art at the Venice Biennale, commissioned by the Ruya Foundation. The cartoon below is about escaping stereotypes and frameworks in art.