The owners of several of Baghdad’s coffeehouses and independent cultural centres agreed to distribute the Ruya Foundation’s new publication Art and Its Objects: Five Essays on Contemporary Art Selected by Jonathan Watkins. The book includes a selection of essays on contemporary art which have been translated to Arabic and is part of Ruya’s new educational publishing initiative. It aims to give the Arabic-speaking artistic community access to important contemporary literature on art and its practices. The book is available for free to the city’s artistic community, and Ruya is also distributing in other cities in Iraq and the Middle East.

Shabandar Coffee House, Mutannabi Street

Haj Mohamed Kadhim Al Khashali


Ridha Alwan Coffee House, Karrada

Burj Babel Centre for Media Development, Abu Nawas Street

œArtists collect copies of Art and Its Objects.

œArtists collect copies of Art and Its Objects.

Coffee and Book Coffee House, Karrada and Adnan Library, Mutannabi Street

Copies of Art and Its Objects at the entrance of Alaa Yasir’s Coffee and Books Coffeehouse in Baghdad.